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2023 Essential Guide

Boardmasters 2023 is almost upon us! We've compiled a handy guide containing all the information you will need to enjoy your festival experience, including key info, set times, travel and welfare. See you at the beach…

Key info

  • Opening Times – click HERE 
  • Shuttle Bus info – click HERE
  • Maps – click HERE
  • Download the brand new Boardmasters App below for set times and essential info!  


Packing for all weather

We’re not sure what the weather’s going to be like just yet, but this summer’s been ‘mixed’ so.. 

✅ Bring warm layers and a waterproof

✅ Bring boots/ wellies as well as your trainers

✅ Bring a reusable water bottle & fill up from the many free water points around the campsites & main arena

✅ Bring sun cream  

✅ Bring a hat 

❌ Don’t bring BBQs or camping stoves  

❌ Don’t drop cigarettes on the ground 

Getting here by car

Parking at Boardmasters for the weekend? 
  • If you’re a Camping, VIP Camping, Boutique or Campervan customer put TR8 4HR in your sat nav and follow signs for Green Gate / Green Car Park. 
  • If you’re not a VIP or Boutique customer, you’ll need to pay to park.  
  • Book your car parking ticket in advance, and not only will you get into the festival car park faster, you’ll also save some money.  
  • Advance parking tickets are: £29.50 
  • On the day parking tickets are: £50  
  • Please note, if you choose to leave the car park and come back, you’ll need to buy a new parking pass for £50. We recommend taking our shuttle buses instead. They’re cheap, they get you straight into Newquay and they’re more friendly to the environment than lots of short car journeys. 
  • Pre-book Weekend Parking passes here.
Parking at Boardmasters for the day? 
  • Put TR8 4AN in your sat nav. As you get closer you’ll see yellow road signs, with directions for our different car parks. 
  • Follow signs for Blue Car Park. 
  • Pre-book Day Parking passes here.
Getting dropped off? 
  • Put TR8 4AN in your sat nav. As you get closer you’ll see yellow road signs, with directions for our different car parks. 
  • Follow signs for Blue Car Park / Pick up + Drop Off
Need a lift? Got space in your car? 
  • Please share cars as much as possible to reduce your carbon footprint
Leaving our car parks on Monday 
  • Our campsites open until 4pm on Monday. 
  • We’re expecting traffic to be busiest in the morning, so if you can, we recommend you getting some sleep, hanging out in the campsites and grabbing some food before setting off.  
  • Please plan ahead for your journey home and make sure you have water and snacks in your car.

Getting here by train

Take the stress out of your journey and reduce your carbon footprint by taking the train to Newquay. Shuttle buses will run approx every 15 minutes from Newquay station once the first trains arrive on Wednesday. 

✅ To travel on the train you will be required to have a reservation so book in advance 

✅ Please note, GWR services do not carry surfboards. Please check luggage info

✅ Remember your railcard (if you have one) 

✅ Book in advance via

Festival Safe

We have some fantastic guides to help you make the most of your festival:

Our drugs and prohibited items policy


As with anywhere else in the UK, it is illegal to buy, sell or take drugs at Boardmasters. Together with Devon and Cornwall Police, we work with our security teams to prevent them from entering Boardmasters.

All drugs are potentially dangerous; there are no harmless drugs. The only way to avoid risks is not to take drugs at all. This goes for new psychoactive substances (formerly known as ‘legal highs’) as well.

Go to a Welfare Tent, Medical Tent, Info Point or speak to a member of Oxfam Steward or Security team. We will not judge you and you will not get into trouble.

Amnesty Points

We operate amnesty points at the festival entrance before our search areas. They are your chance to dispose of any illegal drugs or other prohibited items without getting in trouble. If you use them, we will not judge you and you will not be asked any questions.


After the amnesty points you will be searched and if found in possession of drugs or other prohibited items you will be refused entry and may be arrested. Don’t ruin your festival before it gets started. Use our amnesty points – no questions asked.


Our security team and Devon and Cornwall Police will pursue anyone suspected of dealing or supplying illegal drugs. You will be ejected from the festival and arrested. Police patrol Boardmasters as well as sniffer dogs.


We acknowledge that despite the measures put in place with our security team and local police, drugs may get into the festival and could cause harm to our audience. Therefore we work with Devon and Cornwall Police, Cornwall Council, Safer Cornwall and our medical & welfare teams to protect festival goers.

Ahead of the festival we are encouraging all festival goers to read through the excellent advice shared by our friends at Festival Safe.

If you, or a friend have taken something and feel unwell, please know that we are here to help. Go to a welfare point or speak to a member of our security team. We will not judge you and you will not get into trouble.


Like all major events and festivals, we have measures in place to keep you safe:

  • Be patient with security checks and don’t give security, staff or stewards a hard time. It might seem inconvenient, but these measures are in place to help you.
  • It is essential that you don’t bring unnecessary items to the event; this will help to speed up searches and your entry to the event.
  • If you spot someone acting suspiciously, report it to police or to security staff immediately: don’t leave it to someone else.
  • In an emergency, if you think there is an immediate risk, always call 999 and look around you for help from staff – especially those with radios who can raise the alarm quickly.
  • Don’t leave bags unattended or anywhere they could cause a security scare. And never agree to look after anyone else’s bags, no matter how genuine they seem.
  • If there is an incident, listen to staff and any announcements.
  • Remember, the chance of being caught in a terrorism incident is small. But if it happens – Run, Hide, Tell.

Looking after yourself

  • Only bring essential items
  • Mark your property – put your postcode on your belongings, including your tent. This will significantly reduce any risk of theft and increase the chance of return if found!
  • If you choose to carry cash and valuables, don’t keep them all in the same place!
  • If you lose something, please check at lost property first – located HERE incase the item has been handed in. Lost Property opening times are Wed 12:00 – 21:00, Thurs – Sun 0700 – 2100, Mon 0700 – 12:00.
  • If you think something has been stolen, report online HERE or call 101 from any phone. Reporting via this process will generate a crime reference number.
  • Boardmasters is a cashless site but if you choose to carry cash and valuables, don’t keep them all in the same place! 
Look out for each other #DontBeABystander 
  • Everyone should be able to have fun and express themselves at Boardies.  
  • It should go without saying, but harassment, racism or abuse of any kind have no place at Boardies.  
  • Don’t be a bystander. If you see someone behaving disrespectfully, please speak to a steward or member of security.  
Look after yourself 
  • We want you to have a great time, but please don’t put yourself at a risk of harm.  
  • Please pay attention to and abide by our prohibited items list  
  • If you’re found to be in possession of any prohibited items or illegal substances, you will be asked to leave the festival. 
Check out Festival Safe 
  • We have a load of info and tips to help you look after yourself at a festival. Read more here

Keep safe by the coast 

  • If you’re headed to the beach during the festival, please pay attention to tide times and follow directions of lifeguards. If you see someone in trouble in the water call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.  
  • Watergate Bay is a Tidal beach. We’ll be closing the entry to the beach a few hours before the tide comes in. Missed your chance? Head to Porth Beach instead. Walking routes will be signposted at the festival. 

Have a good time

Following the simple steps below will make your festival experience so much more enjoyable!

  • Drink water and stay hydrated – bring a reusable water bottle or purchase a Boardmasters one from our merch stand and fill up at the many free water points around site 
  • Apply suncream – this is available from Welfare and take advantage of any shaded spots around site
  • Make yourself familiar with the food and drink available onsite and plan ahead if you have any specific dietary needs
  • Know your limits and those of your friends, you’ll have a much better festival if you avoid over-doing it. If you are concerned that one of your friends requires assistance, ask a steward or a member of security to help get you to a Medical or Welfare Point. You will not get into any trouble.
  • Please be aware that Cornwall has only one hospital to serve the County. Please make use of our Medical or Welfare points. If you’re not staying at the festival, and it’s not a medical emergency, please contact NHS 111 first. This will help ensure you receive the right care in the right place, at the right time. NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Go to or call 111.
  • Ask a steward or a member of security to help get you to a Medical, Info or Welfare Point. You will not get into any trouble.

Leave Only Footprints

We are striving to make Boardmasters one of the sustainable festivals in the country. It’s important we all do our bit to create an environment where everyone is inspired to take immediate positive action.​⁠

Here are just some of the ways we want you to create change, become part of the Boardies crew, and help to #LeaveOnlyFootprints…​⁠

-Take your tent home (and call out your mates if you see them leaving one behind)​⁠
-Travel to Boardmasters with Big Green Coach, by train with Great Western Railway or liftshare with friends​⁠
-Chat with our Green Team ​⁠
-Join a daily beach clean​⁠
-Bring your reusable water bottle + fill up at the free refill points​⁠
-Return a bag of litter & redeem your litter bond​⁠
-Don’t wee on the land!​⁠

Find out more about our sustainability mission here.


Still have some questions? All answers can be found on our FAQs page HERE

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