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Boardmasters mainstage with large crowd in front
Artist running and singing on stage at Boardmasters with a sunset in the background
Boardmasters Mainstage at night during King of Leon concert
Boardmasters mainstage with blue lightshow
Man celebrating in Boardmasters crowd pointing his fingers in the air

Main Stage

The Big One. The stage that makes musicians into icons, and icons into legends. If only floorboards could talk…

Guitarist from Idles crowd surfing
Kano on stage at Boardmasters in front of a large crowd
Arlo Parks at Boardmasters singing on stage
Jamie XX playing at Boardmasters on stage in the dark


Whatever your style, if it’s got an independent spirit and kicks hard you’ll find it at the Land of Saints stage.

The Point stage at Boardmasters with view of the sea in the background
The Point stage at night at Boardmasters with green laser
The Point stage at night with smoke and colored lasers
The Boardmasters Point stage at night with a cloudy sky
The Boardmasters Point stage during the day with crowd dancing in front of it.
The Boardmasters Point stage with colorful facade including green, red, brown and yellow


The Point is the place to party with the most cutting-edge DJ’s and producers out there! This open air party goes late into the night and the tunes don’t stop coming.

Dj on stage at Boardmasters pointing his finger to the sky and the large crowd
Unleashed venue at Boardmasters in the dark with spot lights
Boardmasters crowd with their hands in the air in the Unleashed venue
Two male DJs playing to a large crowd and pointing their arm to the sky


Presented by DRIP

It’s time to get loose to the biggest tunes of the summer. This is where club-land & major arena acts meet for the biggest indoor rave in the South West.


The View stage at Boardmasters with crowd sitting on benches
The View stage in the dark at Boardmasters with large crowd in front of it
The View decor at Boardmasters of a boat and fisherman gear
The View stage seen from a Birdseye view.


The heart and soul of Boardmasters, presenting new and exciting artists in an unparalleled setting.

Keg & Pasty venue at Boardmasters during the day
band on stage in the Keg & Pasty venue at Boardmasters
People entering the Keg & Pasty venue at Boardmasters
Boardmasters's Big wheel with a sunset in the background


Welcome to the family-run Keg & Pasty, a 17th century pub positioned atop cliffs overlooking the breathtaking Watergate Bay. Watch seabirds and fishing boats while sipping a frothy ale in the pub garden, or prop up the bar listening to the rich history of smugglers, wreckers, undiscovered treasure and even (according to folklore) the odd friendly spirit. Sit back and enjoy the array of stand-ups and musicians who grace the famous Keg & Pasty stage, with a golden hand-crafted pasty in hand. Bleddy ‘ansum.

D90 stage at Boardmasters with large crowd
Smoke coming out of the D90 stage at Boardmasters
Smoke coming out of the D90 stage at Boardmasters at night
D90 entrance archway made out of shipping containers at Boardmasters.


Situated in The Dockyard, DB90 is the meeting spot in the tough end of town. A hangout for hardy labourers and longshoremen, where smugglers and scoundrels meet. Will you join the late-night mischief…?

Woman in a hammock at Boardmasters wearing a bucket hat and sunglasses
Stretch marquee tent at Boardmasters with a directional signage post in front of it
Stretch marquee tent with crowd enjoying drink under it.
Directional signage post with pink decor flags in the background at Boardmasters


With a VIP ticket you’ll have access to one of the finest views in Cornwall. Drink in the view of Watergate Bay and the sprawling sea from the luxury of the spacious VIP bar…

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