Looking After Each Other

We pride ourselves on the safety and welfare of our guests and continue to work vigilantly with all our partners to deliver a safe and enjoyable event for all attending.

Security & Stewards

Security are there to look after party goers, manage crowds and deal with any issues. They are available 24 hours a day should you need their assistance, and can be found in and around the main arena and campsites. Always listen to directions from the security team – your safety is their number one priority.

Our stewarding team are comprised of volunteers who have given their time to help run the site in exchange for a ticket. They do lots of different jobs including directing people and traffic, manning information points, taking tickets, giving out wristbands and much more. Sometimes you might wonder why they are asking you to take a certain route or holding you at a gate but there will be a good reason. Events couldn’t run without them so be respectful and always listen to directions from stewards.

If you would like to volunteer at Boardmasters Festival, you can register your interest here.

Do you have a medical centre?

Yes we do. Our medical & welfare tents are in Main Arena and Campsite manned 24 hours a day. If you need assistance please find your way there or ask any of our Security or Stewards for help.

Our medics can provide help, advice and treatment but are not set up as a full pharmacy. Please use the services in Newquay Town Centre for these needs, it’s within walking distance or a quick ride on our shuttle bus.

What is the alcohol policy?
  • No glass allowed
  • Alcohol brought to the festival must comply with the event regulations which are: Weekend campers aged 18 and over can bring in limited amounts and types of alcohol. You may be asked of proof of age.
  • Quantity per person: 24 cans of beer/lager and/or cider and/or alcopops OR 2 bottles of wine (decanted out of glass into a bottle)
  • No straight spirits allowed
  • All drinks must be unopened and NO GLASS
  • Alcohol is on sale at the event but you must be 18 or over to purchase. Bring ID, you will be asked each time you buy a drink. It is illegal to buy alcohol for another person who is under 18. Challenge 25 is in place at all bars. Accepted forms of ID are passport, driver’s license or anything with a PASS logo.
  • Alcohol will only be permitted on first entry to the festival campsite. You will not be able to exit & re-enter with more alcohol.
  • Alcohol cannot be brought into the festival arena. It will however be on sale inside the arena.
  • Day ticket holders are not allowed to bring in any alcoholic drinks.
What is your drugs policy?

PREVENT – As with anywhere else in the UK, it is illegal to buy, sell or take drugs at Boardmasters. Together with Devon and Cornwall Police, we work with our security teams to prevent them from entering Boardmasters. All drugs are potentially dangerous; there are no harmless drugs. The only way to avoid risks is not to take drugs at all. This goes for new psychoactive substances (formerly known as ‘legal highs’) as well.

AMNESTY POINTS – We operate amnesty points at the festival entrance before our search areas. They are your chance to dispose of any illegal drugs or other prohibited items without getting in trouble. If you use them, we will not judge you and you will not be asked any questions.

SEARCHES – After the amnesty points you will be searched and if found in possession of drugs or other prohibited items you will be refused entry and may be arrested. Don’t ruin your festival before it gets started. Use our amnesty points – no questions asked.

PURSUE – Our security team and Devon and Cornwall Police will pursue anyone suspected of dealing or supplying illegal drugs. You will be ejected from the festival and arrested. Police patrol Boardmasters as well as sniffer dogs.

PROTECT – We acknowledge that despite the measures put in place with our security team and local police, drugs may get into the festival and could cause harm to our audience. Therefore we work with Devon and Cornwall Police, Cornwall Council, Safer Cornwall and our medical & welfare teams to protect festival goers.

Ahead of the festival we are encouraging all festival goers to read through the excellent advice shared by our friends at Festival Safe.

If you, or a friend have taken something and feel unwell, please know that we are here to help. Go to a welfare point or speak to a member of our security team. We will not judge you and you will not get into trouble.

Our zero tolerance policy

Everyone deserves to have fun and enjoy themselves at Boardmasters but we have a zero tolerance policy towards  vandalism, sexual assault, harassment, racism, discrimination or any other anti-social behaviour. To make it clear, this is what we classify as unacceptable behaviour and it will result in you being ejected from the festival and refused re-entry:

  • Vandalism of any property
  • Jumping on tents
  • Filming of any antisocial behaviour
  • Threatening behaviour and language to other guests or staff
  • Any unwanted physical contact including;
    • Groping
    • Grabbing
    • Catcalling
    • Leering
    • Stalking
    • Rape
    • Upskirting
    • Verbal or physical intimidation

If you experience any of the above, or see it happening, please report it to the nearest steward or security guard. We have support services available onsite from our Medical, Welfare and Safeguarding teams, and specially-trained staff onsite to help support victims. We take all reports incredibly seriously and will always respond from a place of belief.

If you are under aged 18 and ejected from the festival, you will be kept in our Resolution Centre with our Welfare Team until your responsible adult arranges collection.

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