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We've given you the lowdown on all the campsites at Watergate Bay so you can head straight for your chosen one as soon as you get through the festival gates.

Campsite opening hours

Campsite Opening Times: Wednesday 07:30 to Monday 16:00

Where can I stay during the festival?

If you have a camping ticket you can stay in our many campsites; Boilers, Jaws, Pipeline, Lakey’s, Malibu, Waimea and Mavericks.

The VIP Campsite is for VIP Camping ticket holders only.

To access the Boutique Campsite, you must have purchased a Boutique tent option.

To access the Pre-pitch & Reserved Pitch Campsite, you must have purchased one of these options.

The Accessible Campsite is for Access Camping ticket holders only.

What facilities do you have?

Toilets: Located in multiple locations around the campsites. (VIP, Boutique and Accessible have their own dedicated loos).

Drinking water: Available for free from multiple water points throughout the camping areas. Please bring your reusable water bottle.

Waste points: Located in every campsite. Litter Bond redemption points are located near campsite entrances.

Info & security points: All campsites are manned by stewards and Oxfam staff, so if you have any questions just approach them and they will happily assist with general queries, medical or security issues you wish to report.

Showers: Free in VIP, Boutique and Accessible campsite and at a small charge in general camping.

Campsite village: Head to our campsite village in Cribbar to grab some food and drink, shop and charge your phone.

Do you have showers?

Yes, we do. There will be a small charge to use the showers.

Do you have posh showers & luxury loos?

We sure do AND they have a huge pamper lounge complete with make up stations, hair dryers and GHD’s. Spaces are limited so your spot with Club Class.

Do you have a pamper lounge?

Yes we do, located in our campsite. You’ll need to book a Club Class pass which gets you access to luxury toilets, showers and huge pamper lounge complete with make up stations, hair dryers and GHD’s.

Do you have an Accessible Campsite?

Yes we do. We have a dedicated campsite for festival goers who require assistance, with a team of stewards on hand ensuring you have the best possible festival experience. Please find more info here.

Can I bring my campervan?

Yes you can. Campervan tickets are available here.

What are the Boutique camping options?

Click here to see the range of options available.

Do you have Pre-pitched & Reserved pitch options?

Yes we do! Starting from as little as £40, it’s very budget friendly (and sustainable). Find out more here.

VIP Camping

Reserved especially for our VIP customers. Pick any free spot and lay down your campsite palace for five days of sand, surf and music with the added luxuries of dedicated toilets & showers, chill out tent, bar your own food & drink offerings and a 24 hour reception desk for any questions you may have. VIPs also receive a free parking pass (1 x pass per booking) and fast track entry lane into Campsites & Arena.

You will also get access to the VIP Bar in the Main Arena with a dedicated bar, DJs, food options, view of the sea & flushing toilets.

What is the Greenfield campsite?

We’ve launched our Greenfield Eco Campsite, so that like-minded souls who want to protect the environment, say no to single use plastic, be part of our daily beach cleans and work with us to shape our sustainability plans can camp together.

Spaces will be first come, first served for those who agree to and sign  our eco pledge – please note, signing up to the pledge does not guarantee your space, as spaces are limited. We will contact you with confirmation before the festival.

Our eco pledge:

  • I will take my tent home at the end of the festival
  • I will limit my impact on the environment by car-sharing or taking public transport to the festival
  • I will use a reusable water bottle (and a reusable cup at the bars)
  • I will take responsibility for any waste I produce
  • I will leave no trace
  • I will recycle what I can and take the rest of my rubbish to the litter bond exchange.
  • I will respect other eco campers
  • I will have fun, dance, surf and explore the festival whilst being conscious of the beautiful Cornish surroundings
Do you have a Family campsite?

More info coming soon

Can I bring a cooker?

For fire safety reasons, we don’t allow cooking in the campsites. Please don’t bring a camping stove, cooker or BBQ.

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