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The Streets turn the mundane into the extraordinary. The oft-repetitive, unspectacular sludge of everyday life is zoomed into with a 4k camera by frontman Mike Skinner, long a legend of UK hip-hop who has traced UK garage, drum & bass, house, bassline, grime and rap to develop a firm reputation as a working-class hero, speaking to society’s fringes. Through The Street’s music, spanning five albums and one mixtape, life’s nuances are assessed and reimagined by cutting commentary from the perspective of an everyman. From hazy nights in the club, waking up in a drunken stupor, picking up Jobseeker’s Allowance, unrequited love and everything in-between, eery corner is inspected with finesse. It has resulted in quire the unique lane for Skinner who, depsite his last released album being in 2011, has been plotting a move wholly more substantial.

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