For her new project, ‘Last Flight Out’, Tara Lily takes listeners on a journey around the globe, as she marries the sonic terrains of East and West. “It’s about movement, freedom, travel, immigration and love. Working with producers Nana Kwabena, Dom Valentino, Akash Parekar, George Moore, Hannah V, Tara fuses together elements of jazz, Alt RnB, Indian classical, dance and much more. From bringing in her uncle to play tabla to recording sitar and jazz saxophone at Unwound Studios, Tara has worked in unique ways to bring her vision to life.

We start with ‘Hotel Amour’ as Tara recounts a turbulent love affair. Spellbinding beats and otherworldly piano riffs transcends you to the world of  late night Paris. ‘You Can Go’ pulls you in with Tara’s agile vocals, saxophones, hints of sitar and heavy dance kicks.  ‘Last Flight Out’ includes rhythmic flourishes of tabla.  Returning to her musical roots in jazz, Tara reworks ‘Naima’ by John Coltrane and creates an alluring listen. The EP takes an unexpected turn as it finishes with ‘Don’t Explain’. After uncovering a hidden gem of  90’s jazz inspired DnB,  Tara decided to sample the track. Its skittish beats play the backdrop to Tara’s improvisation of Billie Holiday’s iconic song, ‘Don’t Explain’, creating a nostalgic and hypnotising experience.


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